The best headjoints I have come across, with the most amazing singing quality across the registers.


Wonderful handmade whistles by Simon Styles.


Really top quality piccolos, Braun makes it easy to switch quickly from flute to picc without having to adjust the embouchure dramatically.


Sankyo flutes make the most reliable alto flute I have played, it is consistently in tune across the registers, and the silver headjoint makes it truly expressive. They also make a fantastic range of advanced student instruments.


Chris White, film and television composer

St Albans' Symphony Orchestra, where I play principle flute.


Tim Sutton, composer and musical director.


Woodwind trio together with Shelley Levy (clarinet) and Claire Durr-Sorenson (bassoon). Available for functions and recitals.

The most enormous range of teaching materials and ideas.

The incredible flautist Anna Noakes.

Independent record label.

A really comprehensive selection of flute repertoire.

Great flute shop, really knowledgeable staff, and the only UK supplier of Nagahara headjoints.

Fantastic flute shop in Waterloo, with a great selection of instruments and sound advice.


Wonderful pianist

Weird and wonderful band The Hat with my friend Dave.

Live Bands